Friday, August 26, 2016

Urban Chicken Charity Blocks

We have our assignment for the next charity block.  We'll be making the Urban Chicken Block designed by designcamppdx for the Pacific NW MQG meetup on August 17th.  You can find the instructions here.  Please make your block monochromatic in any color you choose.  Bring your block to the September meeting.

Friday, August 19, 2016

August Meeting Notes

SSMG meeting 8/3/16

Meeting called to order 6:30 by Cecile

New members: Jenny and Judy
Visitor: Leslie

Icebreaker: telling a story, each person contributes.  Long story involving a truck, dull rotary blades, Swedish Kroner, and fabric stores!

Quiltcon: Diane, Tina, Patti, Amy.  Gets sent in February.  Next meeting they’ll announce ideas.  Or maybe by October’s meeting.  Goal is to get blocks back by Dec.

Cecile is still working on Amazon Smile

Pro-rated dues for rest of year is $30

Terri showed Pulse Quilt blocks sewn into 2 quilt tops.  Melissa and Honnah get them next.

Bethany showed Urban Chicken block.  12 3.5-inch squares with improv triangles along one side.  Link is on the agenda.  Any color.  This will go for a charity quilt, possibly Christmas for Kids in Gig Harbor area.  Baby quilts and doll quilts.  Please bring back in September.

Terri is doing Quilts for Peace for Dallas and New Orleans.  She asked for blue scraps for heart blocks or blue heart blocks.

Swaps: paint chip is due in September, not tonight!  Woot!
            Scrappy item swap in December.  We’ll start talking about it in October.

PNW meetup Aug 18-21 in Portland.
            Vancouver BC quilt show Aug 27, 28
            Bainbridge quilt show Sept 10

August sew-in is Aug 20 in Annie’s. 
                        Sept. 23
                        October in Wayland’s in Centralia.

Sister’s in Chehalis is going to have a shopping open house, opens at 4pm on Sunday.  We got some percentage off.  15?  20? Percent off.  It’ll be on a Sunday.  Date TBA.

Waylan Quilt Works in Centralia will give you 10% off any time if you show her your MQG card.  She’s working on improving her stock, she took over 8 months ago.

Michelle Wilkie signup went around.  20 spaces.  Will do the lottery next month.  $20 gets you a box lunch from Mekoni’s (sandwich or salad) and we’ll do a gift card for Michelle as a thank-you. 6-hour class.  Bring 2 photos and fabric.  By the end of the class, you’ll have turned your photos into a pattern and sewn 2 blocks.  October 15.  Vista Village south of the fairgrounds in Lacey.  Blog: Factotum-Of-Arts.  Instagram: ML_Wilkie    15 people signed up at the meeting.  People not at the meeting can still sign up.  General info about events will be posted on the blog and Facebook.

Book review by Patti;  Thomas Knauer, Modern Quilt Perspectives.  He takes speaking through quilts seriously.  All his quilts have a story that go with them.  Ex: one of his quilts is “In Defense of Hand Made,” and it’s a quilt with a big bar code.

Terri is having made small versions of our logo to put on the back of our charity quilts.

Thurston County Fair tickets are available for workers.  We have nice coverage this year, but a couple of slots are still available.  You can cut through the long line because you have a ticket.  But you have to sign in as a volunteer, in the quilt building.  Terri said it was nice today, not overcrowded and had a nice stream of people.  Terri took a couple of magazines with her to show people.  It’s interesting to talk about improv with people, they’re concerned about how you don’t follow directions.  All our wall hangings and quilts had blue ribbons!!

Show and tell!!

Door prize drawing: big ol’ pack of low-volume squares (charms?)

Electric Quilt 7 demo by Melissa.  If you’re interested, she has a good book to walk you through it.


Paint Chip Swap

Our Paint Chip Swap deadline is coming up.  We exchanged 2 paint chips samples in June  and the finished piece is due at our September meeting.  Here are the guidelines, in case you missed them, or just need a reminder.  (like me)

Your task is to create a mini quilt for the person using only the 8 colors represented on the paint chips.  You will also be allowed to add gray, black, or white and a small pop of a third color if you want. Mini quilt must be 18" -24" on most sides.  No larger than 24" on any side.

For a couple of great samples check out our Paint Chip Pinterest board.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sew In

There is another fun sew-in happening this Saturday at Annie's in Shelton, WA.  Join us with your projects and enjoying sewing with your guild friends.

Saturday, August 20th
11:00am - 4:00pm
Annie's Quilt Shoppe
2205 Olympic Hwy N, Shelton, WA 98584

Contact Person: Donna Fussell

Beat the heat and sew with us in the cool, air conditioned shoppe.  As Tina Davis said, "It's a great opportunity to work on charity blocks, BOM Patchwork City, and Paint Chip Swap"  

Please comment below or let us know on Facebook if you plan to attend.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Join Us @ the Fair

Come by our booth at the Thurston Coundy Fair!  
August 3rd-7th, 2016

For more information visit the fair website:

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Stated Meeting

Join us for our August stated meeting.

Wednesday, August 3

@Ruby Street Quiltworks
100 Ruby St SE
Olympia, WA

Monday, July 25, 2016

Photographing Your Quilts

At our July meeting Kara Huntsman  shared some fabulous tips on how to photograph our quilts.  Here are just a few of the tips she shared with us.

LIGHT- Light plays a very important role in how your photograph will turn out.  Experiment by taking pictures in different places, with different light sources and at varying times of day.

Natural light is often best, so take your quilts outdoors if you can.

Seek diffused light, like you have at sunset, sunrise and under a tree.

Too much sun washes out the colors.  Avoid direct rays of the sun.  Partly cloudy days are another great time to take photos.

Turn your flash off.  The bright light often washes out your color.

Edit photos.  Most of the photos you see on blogs, pinterest and instagram have been edited.  You can buy editing programs like lightroom & photoshop.  There are also free programs online or editing apps available.  Search for them on your phone or computer.  Heather's favorite is picmonkey, and Kara suggested pixlr but there are several good free ones out there.

Set the stage: Look for props or scenery.  Hang your quilt from a fence or porch railing, drape it over a bush or branch.  Lay it in the grass.  Use a bench or chair to really show off your quilt.

Take a picture with the recipient and/or maker of the quilt.  It's always nice to see who made the project and who gets to wrap up in it or hang it on their wall.

Fold it, drape it, show the back, take close up of the quilting/pattern/design/fabric.

Practice and have fun.  In this digital age it is easy to delete the pics that don't turn out.  The more photos you take, the better you are going to get.  Find what works best for you and the device(s) you are using.

For more ideas visit this article:


After the fabulous lesson from Kara, we split up into groups and took pictures on the Olympia Capitol Campus

Meagan took the lesson to heart, staging her quilt, searching for the best lighting and really getting into her photography while looking for the perfect angle.

Some of our members got a little goofy, or maybe it was artsy, in their photography.

There is more to see on our Facebook group.  We have an album set up for our July meeting that we would love to have our members add more pictures to.  <hint-hint>