Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January 3, 2018 Meeting Notes

SSMQG 1-3-2018 Meeting Highlights

National Guild Business
Quiltcon Challenge Quilt update: The challenge quilt is sewn and quilted thanks to many guild members. The binding needs to be completed before mailing.  The quilt was designed by member Stephanie Serrano and will be donated after the national show. 

Ice Breaker
Presented by Angelina O’Connor: Learning edge: What do you want to learn in 2018-19?
·        What’s new at MQG
·        Angelina shared info on learning modules and webinars on the MQG web pages.  The following is a link to a webinar about improv design:

Local Guild Business
2017 President’s report – Cecile was moved to the   February agenda. 

2018 officers
Amy Hanson (president), Angelina O’Connor (vice president),
Jody Pyatt (secretary), Rose Massey (treasurer),
Donna Fussell and Tina Davis (members at-large).

Treasurers Report
2017 Treasurer’s report - Patti Winfield: 
Additional details were e-mailed to current members
·        Dues
2   2018 dues are due, $45 by check or $46.29 via PayPal.  The PayPal button is on the SSMQG website:

Members are to bring a snack for the group in the month of their birthday. No sign up needed.

·        Committee sign up: A sign up clipboard circled the room. New committee members will be shared in February and members not present this month will have a chance to join a committee at out next meeting.  

·        Charity Committee – The Christmas charity giving was successful and we had enough funds for the adopted family.  **Thank you to Cecile and Bethany for shopping for chosen family. The gift request was met and the family was thankful.  
·        Quilt Of Valor –The charity committee needs more 10.5” blocks in white, Blue and dark red.

·        Education Committee: Angelina Hanson has volunteered to be a member of this committee. The new MQG Modern Quilts and Quilt Design Coloring books may shape a segment on learning about quilt design to add dimension, transparency and motion in your quilting designs. The committee may also explore the “Quilters Year Book”.  More to come.

·        Sew-ins are not yet scheduled for 2018.
·        Arts Walk is on April 28 & 29th. We are looking for a place to display. Angelina has a lead for yoga loft. It is not easy to find a new venue. Suggestions are welcome if you have a relationship with a City of Olympia business owner.

Name Tags
Paper names tags will be available for guests, speakers and members that have forgotten their nametag. Please wear your nametags to help newcomers feel welcome.

Next Meeting
Wednesday February 7th, 2018.

Monday, January 8, 2018

SSMQG first board meeting of 2018
6:30pm Thursday, January 11
at Starbucks
1110 College Street SE
BYOCSD (complicated Starbucks drink!)

It's an open meeting, so feel free to come on by!

Topics under discussion include (but are not limited to):

July 4 is on a Wednesday. Meet July 11? Meet earlier in the day? Isn’t July the meeting when we take pix of quilts?

Amy will be out of town for the June class, Angelina lead?

How many postcards should we order?

Retreat decisions

Arts Walk discussion

Quilt design/coloring book discussion

How can we have more fun?


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Committees so far:

Membership/New Member Committee
Welcomes new members, leads the ice breaker at monthly meetings, tracks membership and dues (working with the treasurer to make sure dues are paid and new member forms filled out). Works with marketing committee to develop new materials to join the guild. Helps organize and run our booth at the Thurston County Fair.
Chair: Mary R.
Members (2): Teresa S. and

Advertising/Marketing Committee
Develops business cards, postcards, trifolds. Works with local quilt shops to have our postcards available. (This means you have to go to fabric stores, it's such a hardship.) Members also have complete access to national MQG advertising materials.
Members (2):

Charity Committee
Finds the charities we will donate our quilting projects to. Finds out the requirements for each donation, and coordinates the schedule and sewing with guild members. Also manages the bolt of batting.
Chair: Marti D-A
Members (2): Laurel L. and

Photography Committee
Our official photographers! Capture what it is we do as a guild and post photos to our blog, facebook page, and google drive for permanent storing.
Members: Tina D. and

Social Media Committee
Runs our guild blog that encourages members to participate in meetings, sew-ins, classes, and charity projects. The blog announces our meetings, shares our basic business, displays finished charity quilts, talks about classes and guild events. Works with the advertising and membership committees when needed.
Instagram: Tina D.

Swaps Committee
Puts together our schedule of swaps for the year, determines the rules and provides resources as needed to complete the projects. The chair will present and lead the swaps at meetings.
Chair: Dianne S.
Members (2): Donna F. and McKenzii T.

Education Committee
Plans demos, skill-builder classes, and schedules teachers and classes. Skill builders are classes offered at little or no cost to guild members to help us broaden our skill set (like installing zippers, Quilt As You Go, etc.). They will tap into the talent found in our guild for skill builder classes.
Chair: Angelina O
Members (2): Patti W. and Lin L.

Retreats/Sew Days Committee
Schedules Sew-Ins, finding locations and advertising them to the guild. Also schedules a yearly sewing retreat for guild members. Works with the PNW Guild that is in charge of the PNW MQG Yearl Meet Up.
Chair: Amy H.
Members (4): Mary R. and Patti W. and Teri P. and Corrine S.

Fundraising Committee
Is in charge of meeting raffles, Garage Sale, and any other fundraising events we hold.
Members (2):


Friday, December 8, 2017

Quilts of Valor blocks

Quilts of Valor Blocks

These are the blocks that were made during November's sew-in. 

Bow Tie
(2) 5.5in squares (brick red or dark blue)
(2) 5.5in squares (white)
(2) 2.5in squares (brick red or dark blue) 

Use the 2.5in squares to make snowball corners on the white squares (same method we used for our Quiltcon charity quilt)
The example shows 4 finished bow tie blocks 

 These blocks were made with a 5.5in triangle using the Tri_Rec ruler. Make 4 triangles to make a 10.5 in block

Simplex Star - for Quilts of Valor

Source: Around the Block with Judy Hopkins - That Patchwork Place -1994

Finished block size 10.5 inches (“)
Color theme: Dark red, blue and solid white

For 1 block cut: 
   2 - 4 3/8 " square blocks (cut once diagonally to make 4 half square triangles). 
   1 - 4" square block (in the example above, this block is dark blue)

Placement: middle square and white triangles 

Medium color: (blue or red)
   4- 4” square blocks 

Placement: 4 corner blocks

Dark color: (blue or red)
   2 - 4 3/8” square blocks (cut once diagonally to make 4 half square triangles)

Placement:  dark triangles 

December Meeting Review

SSMQG meeting 12/6/17

Cecile’s last meeting as President.  She could hardly contain her tears.

            Quiltcon Challenge Quilt: The bow tie quilt top is all finished!  Well done!! It’s Stephanie’s design and it’s totally, totally wonderful!  Pictures will be posted on FB and the blog.
            The blue triangles into squares charity quilt also looks super awesome!

            We voted for next year’s Evil Overlords.  Who are:
            Amy Hanson, president
            Angelina O’Connor, vice president
            Jody Pyatt, secretary
            Rose Massey, treasurer

            Bethany collected donations for the Christmas charity (sponsoring a family with 4 kids at a local school).  She’s looking for people who want to shop with her at the mall on Saturday.  The family will also get the hashtag quilt because they wanted a warm blanket.
            Charity Quilt of Valor: bow ties, tri-rec star, friendship star.  Pictures will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.  If you do a bow tie, do 4.  The red is dark, more like a brick red.
            Swap of 3 items on a shelf!  This was a super fun swap, and just goes to show there’s a lot you can learn about a person by stalking them on Facebook!!

            Last 2017 sew in will be this Saturday, Dec 9, at Whalen Quiltworks.  11-4.  Bring your secret holiday sewing projects!  And totally go shopping with Bethany and Cecile beforehand at Fred Meyer for the family Christmas charity.

DOOR PRIZES were handed out to many deserving quilters.

In which we discovered what we were working on at the beginning of the year, and what we hoped to finish in 2017.  I was 0 for 2, but many did finish their projects.  Way to go, all of us!!