Friday, December 8, 2017

Quilts of Valor blocks

Quilts of Valor Blocks

These are the blocks that were made during November's sew-in. 

Bow Tie
(2) 5.5in squares (brick red or dark blue)
(2) 5.5in squares (white)
(2) 2.5in squares (brick red or dark blue) 

Use the 2.5in squares to make snowball corners on the white squares (same method we used for our Quiltcon charity quilt)
The example shows 4 finished bow tie blocks 

 These blocks were made with a 5.5in triangle using the Tri_Rec ruler. Make 4 triangles to make a 10.5 in block

Simplex Star - for Quilts of Valor

Source: Around the Block with Judy Hopkins - That Patchwork Place -1994

Finished block size 10.5 inches (“)
Color theme: Dark red, blue and solid white

For 1 block cut: 
   2 - 4 3/8 " square blocks (cut once diagonally to make 4 half square triangles). 
   1 - 4" square block (in the example above, this block is dark blue)

Placement: middle square and white triangles 

Medium color: (blue or red)
   4- 4” square blocks 

Placement: 4 corner blocks

Dark color: (blue or red)
   2 - 4 3/8” square blocks (cut once diagonally to make 4 half square triangles)

Placement:  dark triangles 

December Meeting Review

SSMQG meeting 12/6/17

Cecile’s last meeting as President.  She could hardly contain her tears.

            Quiltcon Challenge Quilt: The bow tie quilt top is all finished!  Well done!! It’s Stephanie’s design and it’s totally, totally wonderful!  Pictures will be posted on FB and the blog.
            The blue triangles into squares charity quilt also looks super awesome!

            We voted for next year’s Evil Overlords.  Who are:
            Amy Hanson, president
            Angelina O’Connor, vice president
            Jody Pyatt, secretary
            Rose Massey, treasurer

            Bethany collected donations for the Christmas charity (sponsoring a family with 4 kids at a local school).  She’s looking for people who want to shop with her at the mall on Saturday.  The family will also get the hashtag quilt because they wanted a warm blanket.
            Charity Quilt of Valor: bow ties, tri-rec star, friendship star.  Pictures will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.  If you do a bow tie, do 4.  The red is dark, more like a brick red.
            Swap of 3 items on a shelf!  This was a super fun swap, and just goes to show there’s a lot you can learn about a person by stalking them on Facebook!!

            Last 2017 sew in will be this Saturday, Dec 9, at Whalen Quiltworks.  11-4.  Bring your secret holiday sewing projects!  And totally go shopping with Bethany and Cecile beforehand at Fred Meyer for the family Christmas charity.

DOOR PRIZES were handed out to many deserving quilters.

In which we discovered what we were working on at the beginning of the year, and what we hoped to finish in 2017.  I was 0 for 2, but many did finish their projects.  Way to go, all of us!!



Friday, November 10, 2017

November Sew In

November Sew In 
Saturday November 11th
Whalen Quiltworks
404 S Tower Ave Centralia WA 98531

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

November Stated Meeting

Our November stated meeting is:

Wednesday, November 1st

@Ruby Street Quiltworks

Please Bring:

Sew & Show
Doll quilts
Quilt of Valor block for the November sew-in
SSMQG color charity block
Your unwanted fabric for a free exchange table
A fat quarter for the Santa Rosa guild (they lost their fabric in the wildfires)
Nominations for officers and committees

Heads-up for the December meeting:

Bring an antique quilt for show and tell
3 Items on a Shelf Swap
Voting for officers

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Stated Meeting

Our October stated meeting is:

Wednesday, October 4th

@Ruby Street Quiltworks

Please Bring:

Sew & Show

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Upcoming Events

Friday Sept. 22
Sew-In at Ruby Street 4-8
Binding Demo with Barb from 4-5

Saturday Sept. 23
Destash Bash at Vista Village 10-4

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Improv Flower Class

Spaces for the Improv Flower class on Oct. 22nd with Mister Domestic are going to be opened to non-members. If you are interested in signing up, and haven't yet, there is a Paypal button for the class in the sidebar.