Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

As members of The Modern Quilt Guild we will be participating in the upcoming Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.


One of the many benefits of joining The Modern Quilt Guild and South Sound Modern Quilt Guild is that each member is eligible to receive 6 fat eights of the fabric pictured above and participate in the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge (#mqgfabricchallenge).

The challenge is to make anything you want so long as it is quilted.

The prizes?!? They are huge! There will be 3 winners and each one will receive a year's worth of fabric!

Challenge fabric will ship in March and will hopefully be handed out at our guild meeting on April 2nd.

The challenge runs through June 23, 2014 and winners will be announced on July 8, 2014.

Start planning your entry now!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's happening on the web: February

At the February meeting, Natalie provided a handout and resources of events happening in the blog world.   Here is a list of what's happening!

Quilt A Longs:

1. alllpeoplequilt.com – Tone It Down

2. Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along @ Sukiedontyaknow.com

3. Economy Block – redpepperquilts.com for a 5 inch (makes them bigger/trims down)
  •        Mycreativecorner3.wordpress.com for a 6 inch
  •        Crazymomquilts.com for an 8 inch
  •        imagingermonkey.blogspot.com for a 12 inch

4. Star Light, Star Bright @ happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com (just started cutting the first section this week)

5. Oblongagonalong @ sewfreshquilts.blogspot.com

6. Barn Door Along @ sarahquilts.com

FREE Block of the Month Patterns

1. Globetrotting – Pat Sloan is sponsoring but it’s located @ FreeQuiltPatterns.info

2. Open Gate Quilts (various contributors) – opengatequilts.blogspot.com

3. Aurifil (various contributors) @ auribuzz.wordpress.com

4. Craftsy – Janine Burke and Amy Walsh – @ craftsy.com (must have Craftsy account)

5. Around the Block Round Robin @ Patchwork Posse (various contributors)

6. New Years Day Mystery Quilt @ quilting.about.com

7. 2014 Quilt Along @ quiltaddictsanonymous.com

8. 2014 Quilt Along @ quiltdoodledesigns.blogspot.com (free the month of the block and a nominal fee after)

BOM’s with a Fee

 1. Sugar Block Club @ Stitchery Dickory Dock - $7.95 a year

 2. Vice Versa @ Gen X Quilters – $15 a year or $1.50 a month

 3. Skill Builder @ Pile O Fabric.com – $25 a year

 4. 2 Blocks in each Love of Patchwork and Quilting Magazines – cost of magazine

Paper Pieced BOM’s

1. Sew Kitschy @ Quiet Play for (the pattern is FREE through Craftsy during the

coordinating month, then it goes to a nominal fee when the month is over)

2. Lucky Stars @ Don’t Call Me Betsy.com - $15.00 a year

3. Paper Piecing Vintage @ Craftsy by Jennifer Ofenstein of sewhooked $12.00

Other happenings

Katy of “I’m a Ginger Monkey” has a new Television Program on QNNTV (requires membership)

Pillow Collective @ amyscreativeside.com -different bloggers giving tutorials on pillows

Littlemissshabby.com has a free cross stitch pattern of little quilt blocks. The first one is a swoon block.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Values Class

 On a snowy Pacific Northwest Sunday, we met at Annie's for our first guild class taught by Katie Pedersen.

Here are just a few pictures of members during the class.

One potential variation.

Next time I will be better about taking pictures of people's projects.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February BOM block: Flying Darts

     February's block is called Flying Darts and I found it in Jinny Beyer's Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns.  There are quite a few ways that this block can be pieced.  I chose this method because it introduced three different parts/techniques rather than 12 pieced flying geese.

     You'll be constructing 2 hourglass blocks, 4 flying geese, and 2 chevrons.  You will end up with two extra hourglass blocks, or two half square triangles with my directions.  For the charity block, we'd love to have you bring the extras in so we can use them when assembling the final quilt.  For your own block, you could choose to make 8 additional flying geese instead of the hourglasses and chevrons.  

    Read the whole tutorial through before starting.  I will try to refer you to other people's directions at points if I think it might be helpful.  I will also try to describe a way to allow for some "trimming to size" at the end.

From your neutral fabric:
two 5.5" squares
sixteen 2.5" squares
four 2.5 x 6.5" rectangles

From the color fabric:
two 5.5" squares (navy and orange hourglasses)
four 2.5 x 4.5" rectangles (flying geese)
two sets of two 2.5 x 4.5" rectangles (yellow and gray chevrons.  Pick two colors and cut two rectangles of each)

1.  Start by drawing a diagonal line across each white square regardless of size.
2.  First the hourglass blocks.  You'll construct half square triangles.  Match up each 5.5" square with a white square.
3.  Stitch 1/4 of an inch from the pencil line for both squares.  Repeat 1/4 of an inch on the other side of the pencil line.
4.  Cut the squares in half on the pencil line.  Press your seam open (or to the dark).  
5.  Match up two different colored HST along the seam line.  You are trying to nest the seams against each other to the best of your ability.  

6.  You may notice in the first picture for that step, that I drew another line across the diagonal for one of the HST.  Please do that now.  You will then stitch 1/4 of an inch away from the pencil line on each side.  
7.  Cut this in half on the pencil line.  Press this seam open.  This should leave you with two lovely hourglass blocks.  Please trim these to 4.5 inches.  (2.25 inches from the center point)
8.  Next up we will make the chevrons.  Take one of each color from your 2 sets of 2.5 x 4.5" rectangles.  From personal experience, I would recommend stitching the chevrons separately from the geese so you pay attention to the directions of the stitching lines.  
9.  Place one of the white square with the diagonal line on it on top of your rectangles and line up the edges.  The pencil lines from here on out are your stitching lines.  Stitch on this pencil line.  Only do this for one of each color rectangle.
10.  Press to set the seam and trim 1/4" away from the seam line toward the outside of rectangle. Then press toward the dark.   

11.  On this rectangle, line up a new square with the diagonal parallel to the first diagonal.  (You might be able to see the faint diagonal line from the upper left corner of the white to the lower right).  Stitch on this line for the two rectangles (one of each color).
12.  Trim 1/4" away from the stitch line to the outside of the block.  Press toward the dark.  You should now have a pretty parallelogram which is not pictured.  You now need to make a parallelogram in the opposite direction with your other rectangle in the set.  The white square below shows the diagonal line going from bottom left to upper right.  Stitch across this line.  

13.  Trim a 1/4 inch to the outside of the stitch line and press to the dark.  Your final white square for the chevrons should be lined up so the diagonal line is parallel to the first diagonal line (bottom left to upper right on the left rectangle and upper left to lower right for the right side rectangle.)

14.  Trim 1/4" from the stitch line, press to the dark and match the two chevron pieces together.  Sew this together with a 1/4" seam and press open.  You need two of these chevrons. Here is an alternate description of the process which uses slightly different measurements.  Your final chevron block size should be 4.5".

   The flying geese blocks are constructed with a similar method to the chevrons.  I prefer using squares for the white part because my machines had/have a tendency to like to eat fabric when I start with edges of triangles.  If you went over to Lori Holt's blog to read about how she makes the chevrons, here is a link to her explanation of flying geese.  That's the method I will attempt to describe in the next few steps.  If you have a favorite way of making flying geese that you would like to use instead, your unfinished goose size is 2.5 x 4.5 inches.

15.  Line up edges of one white square with the edge of a rectangle.  The orientation of the diagonal does not matter.  Stitch on this line across.  Repeat this for all 4 rectangles.

16.  Trim 1/4" away from the stitched line and press to the dark.  

17.  Place the remaining white squares on the rectangles (line goes from upper left to bottom right) and stitch on the line.  

18.  Trim 1/4" away from the stitched lined toward the outside of the rectangle.  Press toward the dark.

19.  Lay out your block similar to the layout below.
20.  Sew each flying goose to the 4.5" block it is close to (hourglass or chevron).  Press seam open.

21.  Sew the 2.5 x 6.5" rectangle to each 4.5 x 6.5" section.  Press toward the colors.

22.  Sew the quarter blocks together (oops, I switched my chevron placement).  Press seam open.

23.  Sew each half together and press open.  Your block should be done!

     If you worry about precision and like to trim to size when at all possible, it is probably easiest to make your flying geese and the 6.5 x 2.5" white strip just a little bit larger.  After you attach the white strips to each section (or when you have 4 quarters of a block ready to sew together), trim each quarter to 6.5".  If your flying geese and white strip are a bit longer (that navy one on the right side is bigger on the right side), you only trim off the flying goose and white strip side.  

    If you want to make the white strip wider and longer, I'd try 3 x 7 inches.  For the flying geese, perhaps cut the rectangles 3 x 5" and 3 inch squares.  When you attach them to the hourglasses or the chevrons, make sure to line up the center points with the center points on the chevrons or the hourglasses.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

February Meeting

The February meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5th and 6:30 at Ruby Street.

If you would like to participate in a mug rug swap, please bring in a ziploc bag with fabrics for your partner to use in constructing your mug rug.  Please put about a fat quarter worth of scraps in your bag.  Don't know what a mug rug is?  Try reading this explanation here.

Your Riley Blake Challenge quilts are due February 17th posted to the Modern Quilt Guild community site.  Please bring your finished challenge quilts to the meeting on Wednesday.  If you need assistance with submitting your finished quilt to the website, we can help you with that!

Attending the Values Class this Sunday at Annie's?  Have you cut all your squares?  Do you have extras or would you like a little more variety?  If this applies to you, bring some to the meeting for an impromptu trade/swap/exchange.  I may have cut a few more than necessary (both prewashed and unwashed).....

On the original supply list emailed out about the Values class, it did not have a design wall or 1 yard piece of flannel listed as a supply.  The updated supply list is posted to Facebook.

As Marian and Sue mentioned at the last meeting, they are happy to begin collecting quilts for charities.

Roberta will be showing how she made a portable design wall.

Have any books to donate to the rolling library?  We'll talk about the rolling library on Wednesday!  Thank you Jody!

Hope to see you at Ruby Street on Wednesday!