Monday, September 1, 2014

Color Palettes and Fabric Pulls: July

     At the end of the July meeting, members had the option to pick one of Kristi's pictures and pick 5 fabrics that matched the colors in the picture.  The task was as follows:

Palette Picker:
Online sites like Design Seeds ( provide a small selection of colors taken from an image.  There are also many websites that allow you to upload a photo and will help select colors from your photo.  The Play-Crafts palette builder will also tell you which Kona solids coordinate with your image.  ( ). 

Build Color Confidence Using Photo Inspiration

One effective way to choose a color palette for your next quilt is to use a color photo that you particularly love. A photo from an interior design, cooking, or gardening magazine or a beautiful sunset in a vacation photo can serve as the inspiration for the color palette in your next project.
Use a Photo to Help Choose Fabrics
Take the favorite photo with you to the fabric shop and use it to help identify possible fabric choices. Hold up fabrics next to the photo to determine whether the fabric is the right shade or tint. Be sure to include colors used as accents in the photo, as these colors will bring the color palette to life. Take care to notice the proportions of color in the photo and duplicate those proportions in your use of the colors in the quilt. The most successful quilts do not use equal proportions of each color. Likewise, the most attractive photos contain large portions of some colors, and small amounts of accent color. Use these proportional amounts when using the colors in your quilt.

The task

1.       Select one picture from the collection.
2.       Tour the store and choose 5 fabrics (bolts, FQ) that best represent the colors in the picture.  Please take note of where you pulled the fabric from so it can be returned to the proper location.
3.       Select a number from the pile.
4.       Use the camera to take a picture of your fabric stack with your number in the image.
5.       Write your name, number and image title on the piece of paper on the table.

6.       Return fabric to the original location in the store.

 The inspiration pictures:


The fabric pulls for the pictures:

Thank you for everyone who participated.  

Hope to see you all Wednesday!