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SSMQG 2018 Block-of-the-Month Series

We are trying something new this year and swapping blocks-of-the-month to make quilts for charity.  Make one or more blocks from the block-of-the-month pattern and bring it to the meeting.  You will get a ticket for every entry into the drawing, and the winner takes home all the blocks to make into a charity quilt.

June 2018 block

MAY 2018 Block - Scrap Bin Geese!
This is a 12.5 inch block with 6 rows: left side is assorted low-contrast with the focal color half-goose, right side is a gray with the focal color half-goose.  Each row is cut 6.5 inches by 2.5 inches; adding a 2.5 inch square half-goose sewn on the diagonal.  Trim, stitch to its mate, stitch the rows, and voila!

Also see Rose's Instagram for photos of her blocks!  Instructions are at:

Hello To 2018,

Here are the links, walk-throughs and pictures to the Block of the Month for 2018. A picture and a new tutorial will be posted every month.


Thank you all for being so supportive with our guild. I look forward to exploring new ideas and block styles with you every month as your new Block of the Month Leader. Remember you don't have to do one, but it would be amazing to see what others come up with. I know we all have scraps laying around so this block should help us. This one uses all the reds or pinks or purples or all of those mixed together for the heart for Valentine's Day. Have fun and follow the link below for my instructions. If having trouble please let me know.

Minor typo the blocks need to be trimmed to 6.5' before you sew them all together to get a good 12.5' square. if need them to be 6.75' and then trim to 12.5' that is okay too!

Here are links to the Block of the Month sponsored by South Sound MQG for 2013-2014.  Each month (other than December), a new tutorial will be posted.  Besides making a block for a personal quilt, members are encouraged to make an additional block using the "challenge" guidelines and bring it to the next meeting.  The challenge blocks are used to make quilts to donate.












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