QAL 2017
These year's QAL is Meadow Mystery Quilt by Meadow Mist Designs and can be found here:

QAL 2016
Welcome to the Patchwork City Quilt Along (QAL), based on Elizabeth Hartman's book!
*Special Note: If you want to print the templates included in the book onto freezer paper, see page 186 for the URL.  (Making Templates by Printing) 

The QAL will run for about a year starting in August. We will be making all of the 5x8 blocks in book so that we can make the Eastside Quilt featured on page 176. The patterns for the 5x8 blocks start on page 60.  
Each month you will find tips for completing each block. Feel free to comment with any other tips or questions you may have.
There will be a raffle for all who have a finished quilt top. Anyone who has a completed quilt will get bonus entry into the raffle!
Here are some general tips for the blocks that I took away from Elizabeth's class:

- Treat each block as a one composition
- She has pieces listed as A-F, etc. This doesn't mean that you need 6 different fabrics for the block; you can repeat fabrics in one block. It just refers to the number of pieces needed of that particular size.
- Think about positive and negative space; maybe include a solid or a tone on tone piece to add interest. Think about using a solid in each block that you would use as the background fabric for the quilt top.
- If you are only using prints Elizabeth suggests that you choose a color scheme so that the colors repeat in most blocks.
- Use your scraps! This is a scrap friendly quilt especially if you find yourself making quilts using the same color scheme.
- Find a feature fabric and pull colors from that.
- Ask yourself what look you are going for in this block. Is there an opportunity to do some fussy cutting?
Most importantly – HAVE FUN! We look forward to see everyone’s blocks each month!

QAL Schedule

September 2015:  
  • Parking Garage (pg 60)*this one is pretty straight forward. Remember that you don't have to use seven different fabrics, only 7 different cut sizes. 
  • Half Sandwich (pg 62)       *This one includes templates. If you don't want to use the templates to create the C/D unit (HST) it is 3.5 inches unfinished.

October 2015:

  • Rec Center (pg 64)*Templates again! Make sure you follow the directions to center the pieces for sewing A1-A4. They need to be centered/staggered and not lined up.  
  • On Ramp (pg 66)*This is one of the blocks we made in Elizabeth's class and the one she should us how to use her templates. Your 'A' pieces might not match the template perfectly so don't fret if yours doesn't either.   

November 2015:
  • Planter Box (pg 68)*This is a basic block. One thing to think about is if you want piece H t o stand out or blend in or accent the other piece.    
  • Sequins (pg 70)*Templates! You could be adventurous and figure out how to use a few of the templates in other parts of the block instead of cutting out all of them. Or you could choose to go 'wonky' and not use the templates. 

December 2015: 
  • Emergency Exit (72)  *Merry Christmas! Some simple piecing for a quick distraction from all the holiday fun.

January 2016:
  • House Plant (pg 74)  *correction* B Pieces be 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"
  • Waterfront (pg 76)
February 2016:
  • Meow (pg 78)  
  • Magazine Rack (pg 80) *correction* Piece F should be 1" x 4 1/2"
March 2016:
  • Kiosk (pg 82)  
  • Parking Meters (pg 84)
April 2016:
  • Turnstile (pg 86)  
  • Rose Garden (pg 88)
 May 2016:
  • Supermarket (pg 90)
  • Bowling Alley (pg 92)

 June 2016:
  • Karaoke (pg 94) 
  • Traffic Cones (pg 96)
 July 2016: 
  • Raindrops (pg 98)
  • Stripey Socks (pg 100) 

August 2016:
  • Sidewalk (pg 102)  
  • Fortune Cookies (pg 104)   
September 2016:  
  • Airport (pg 106)  
  • Skyline (pg 108)

 October 2016 - November 2016: piecing of your quilt tops.

December 2016 JANUARY 2016: Finished quilt tops! And a special prize for anyone who has a completed quilt!

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